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July 2014
“It’s security. I’ve been in my home 42 years and I want to stay here as long as I can. Monterey Bay Village allows me to be here safely and comfortably.” – Gerda Rayne, Village member

July, 2014
“Ladies, I enjoyed driving Mickey to her appointment today – what a sweet AND little spit-fire she is! ☺ I so love doing this and meeting these wonderful people – thank you!” – Heidi, Village Volunteer

June 2014
“We can have confidence and trust in the immediate assistance and recommendations we receive from Monterey Bay Village. It means glorious joy in the freedom and security we experience with the care they provide for our home and garden as we grow older.” – Sue and Jack Wulfmeyer, Village members

August, 2013
“I was thrilled when the Monterey Bay Village started in our area. I had long wished we had a Village like the one first started at Beacon Hill in Boston. I just have to call one person to get the help I need to stay in my own home. I am especially impressed with our great volunteers that make this wonderful program work.” – Beth Crittenden, Village member

August 2013
“My family’s gift to our mother of a membership in Monterey Bay Village was one of the best decisions we could have made for the whole family. It’s often a time-consuming challenge for adult children to find competent and vetted volunteers and professionals to help meet the needs of an aging parent. Access to the excellent resources of Monterey Bay Village has made that task much easier and we’re so grateful!” – Kit Armstrong, adult child of a Village member

July 2013
“Thank you for your wise and kind guidance, patience, and perseverance over the past year. I’m a long distance caregiver from the east coast, worried about my folks on the west coast. I don’t often get to visit “Rob and Laura”. As you may remember, I originally called you last year to inquire about the Monterey Bay Village. Laura has been Rob’s caregiver due to his poor health, but now the tables are reversed. She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he is now the main caregiver. Laura is in denial and won’t disclose her condition with anyone, and she believes she is still on top of things. Rob is run ragged trying to handle everything – it takes her an inordinate amount of time to shop for a few items, write out one check, decide what to wear, look for misplaced things… it’s a recipe for disaster. I feel as if I’m looking at an accident just about to happen, but I can’t do anything about it. But, thanks to the Monterey Bay Village, I’m keeping my sanity and Rob is gradually reaching out for assistance.

Nettie, you’ve been so helpful and supportive over the past 12 months – very patient when talking with Rob about the wonderful resources and services the Village could provide to my folks. I’m grateful he finally signed up to join the Village as a way to remain living in their own home for as long as possible.

I’m grateful for the countless calls you’ve returned so quickly, the countless e-mails you’ve responded to so rapidly, and for your voice of reason at the other end of the phone. I’ve called you frantic, worried, or upset and you always manage to calm me down and offer wise advice. Your support means the world to me and even though we’ve never met, I feel as if you are personally invested and are watching out for their best interest. I hope to have the opportunity to thank you in person for all you’ve done for Rob and Laura, but for now, this letter will have to do. I’m hoping they will have another opportunity to meet some Village volunteers and become more engaged in activities.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,” – Daughter on the east coast