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Is Monterey Bay Village housing?

No. MBV is a “Village” of services offered to seniors to enable them to remain independent in their homes.

Is Monterey Bay Village a non-profit 501(c)(3)?

MBV is a program of The Carmel Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization offering services to our senior population.

Are there other Villages in the U.S.?

The Village concept is nationwide with the goal of helping seniors remain in their homes as long as they choose. The Aging-In-Place model began in 2002 in Beacon Hill and there are now over 190 Villages in the U.S. modeled after Beacon Hill Village.

What is the typical profile of a Village member?

Most members are fairly healthy, active seniors who need assistance with various tasks to enable them to stay in their homes. Some members have hearing loss or impaired vision and may no longer drive. Others simply need assistance with changing a light bulb or solving a computer glitch.

Do service providers pay to be on your referral list?

No. Service providers on our referral list have completed an application, provided copies of insurance, licenses, references, and have agreed to offer our members a discount. In addition, our service providers enjoy working with seniors and are committed to trustworthy, quality service.

What type of discount do your providers offer?

Most providers agree to discount their standard rates by 10-20% for MBV members.

Is Monterey Bay Village a duplication of other senior services currently available in the area?

No. There are no other organizations that vet and screen for-profit businesses specific to the needs of seniors. MBV is unique because one call can provide an array of services including screened volunteers who are willing to go to members’ homes to assist with small or large tasks. MBV has a very special, personable relationship with all its members.

Do members pay for volunteer services?

No. Any services provided by MBV volunteers are free to Village members. Volunteers can assist with transportation, friendly visits, light handyman tasks, gardening, computer help, or simply changing a light bulb.

Do you provide custodial care or home health care?

No. MBV does not offer home care (custodial care) or any medical care. However, MBV has partnered with home care agencies and home health care agencies to provide seamless service if a member requires these services.

Do you offer discounted memberships?

Subsidized memberships are available for low income seniors who qualify financially. A single membership is $90/year and a household membership is $120/year. For additional information, please contact Nettie Porter, Director of Monterey Bay Village at 831.620.8717 .

Are services available 24/7?

No. MBV can be contacted during regular business hours. Calls received during weekend hours will be returned the following Monday.

Does MBV service all of Monterey County?

At this time, MBV services are available to residents of Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach.

Why do seniors join Monterey Bay Village?

Village members join for various reasons. Some do not have an immediate need for services, but join for 'peace of mind' for themselves and their loved ones. By having a membership in place, they can receive seamless service with one phone call should they encounter difficulties or even a crisis. Other members join because they don't want to navigate the myriad of senior services that may or may not be available to them. They want the convenience of one call to access everything. Other members join because they want to know that anyone who comes into their home to help with a task is trustworthy, honest, and reliable. Some do not want to bother their busy adult children or friends to come to their home to help with something.

As an adult child, can I purchase a membership for Mom or Dad?

Yes. Membership to Monterey Bay Village is a perfect gift to give an aging parent. Often seniors are not comfortable asking their adult children for help. Out of town adult children often feel guilty about not being able to help Mom or Dad change a light bulb. However, MBV screens all potential members to assure that a Village membership is a good fit for the senior. Expectations are clearly defined to provide the best possible service to all members.

Does the Village offer social and educational activities?

The Village membership includes a membership to The Carmel Foundation which offers over 60 educational and social classes each week. As MBV membership grows, Village members can create their own activities specific to Village members. Several Village gatherings are held during the year to provide opportunities for members to mingle with other members and volunteers.